The artists are the heart of Onbely, for them, it is our project. His works of art will be available through video games, with excellent capitalization capacity, in addition to contributing to the notoriety of the artist. Thanks to this direct interaction with followers, real bonds and memorable experiences are created.

Our main objectives are:

  1. Achieve a Natural interaction of the users with the artistic works.
  2. Offer a way of stable capitalization to our participating artists.


How to apply for Onbely Artist ?

The selection of our artists is a process that carries a lot of responsibility, so we do this task very rigorously to avoid indecisive artists.

To apply, you must request in our Main community (Telegram) our moderator, @Rahi, or our main CEO, @BaymaxValero.

Either of these two managers can start your Onbely Artist Application process

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